Thursday 31 March 2011

Jill Barklem and other animal lovers

Another artist filling her pictures with details is Jill Barklem (*1951) and her Brambly Hedge.

I also adore line closets, pantries and cabinets... attics filled with interesting, old things, second hand stores, antique stores, flee markets... places filled with stuff, to explore and make discoveries among... "I Spy" pictures :-)

I am going to mention two other illustrators here; Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) and Marjolein Bastin. (1943)

 I simply love Bastin's Vera the Mouse...
I bought several scraps with Vera,
and wanted to make a little toy
with all her things and clothes and everything,
when I was young :-D

and, frankly, if you mention Beatrix, you have to mention Ernest Aris, (1882–1963)

Racey Helps (1913-1970)

and Molly Brett (1902 - 1990) too

and Jan Brett (1949)

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