Friday 2 September 2011

"Grafiikka" - printmaking: monoprinting

Monotypes are done so that you create the artwork on a smooth surface, like a sheet of metal or glass, but also wood or paper is being used. Then you take a print from this. The second print is "ghost print" :-D
You don't create any permanent matrix, printing plate this way, you just want to get your hands to the specific result of printing.

The paint blob butterflies are one example of this :-D

Alyssa Edmee Fanning

Monoprints are very much the same. "Mono" means one.
When you have a permanent printing plate and you ink it in a specific way, so the print is unique, then you have create a monoprint.

Jane Schwartz Gates

Most stamped ATCs are monoprints, as the stamp is being inked differently and pushed in different spots with each print made.

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