Wednesday 7 September 2011

I love computers :-)

You know that computer programming has come a long way the last 30 years :-D I remember first finding internet in 1999... it wasn't much then, but it was already enough to hook me for ever.
Back at then... well... anyway, they have invented this facial feature recognizing programs, and this is being used in the internet, as "reverse image search". Now, I first started using Tineye, but today I found Google's version, and it has this delightful little feature "visually similar images"... Ooh... :-D I'm a kid in candy store!!!

It started with Ida Rentoul Outhwaite's Witch On Her Broomstick. 

Now, it's a very nice image. I received this as "visually similar images". (You have to google the image in google images to get the "visually similar images")

Then I have been at Pinterest a lot lately, and there I found "color palette generator". Now, that only works with images that doesn't have accent colors, but with this it would work fine. 
Color hunter gives this palette

If you want, you can use colblindor to "name" these colors for you :-)
#221122 is for example Mardi Gras violet
#444455 is Gunpowder
#556699 is San Marino blue
#A3BCF5 is Pale cornflower blue
#7788AA is Ship cove blue

You can also try to find them here (Coloria) or here (Chirag Mehta; name that color) or here; Pantone Colour Names

and make the palette at COLOURlovers
There are several fancy and fun tools at COLOURlovers as well, like the pattern coloring and palette makers

and then idée's piximilar multicolr search lab, that will give you images that have the same colors...

and then there's the BYO image search lab...

Somehow I have a feeling that one could also use Polyvore's color tool and Etsy's color tool with this...

At the moment both are rather bad... But there might be some potential there... and then, if there was some sort of tool of choosing wallpapers and paint online by images or numbers... 

Anyway, then you can play a little and create inspiration boards based on images...

Now... it was rather stupid of me to choose a picture with colors I don't like. I would hate that room :-D All those dusty lavenders and periwinkles and purple - brrr...

Also, "FindTheData:Colors" is an interesting program, that helps you to find paint by color.

Updated: 21/10 - 13 - bighugelabs has also a color palette generator.

Updated:  1/11 - 13 I found Chip It! That gives you a chip card with paint colors.

Nevertheless, back to business ;-)

Other pieces by Ida:

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