Wednesday 30 October 2013

Svetlin Vassilev

Svetlin Vassilev is a Bulgarian illustrator.

Romeo and Julia


Don Quixote


Illustration to Greek Myths

Saturday 19 October 2013

Inge Löök

I love Inge Löök's grannies :-) She doesn't only draw the grannies, and I love the rest of her work too :-) She's Finnish, like I am :-)

(And the last name is Löök, Loeoek, not Look. Löök is a form of "lök", onion in Swedish.

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Today I found out that my blog is very popular at Pinterest.



I'm sorry for the long silence. I suppose you know me by now. A bit of bipolarity there... times of frantic productivity, followed by long quiet time. (No, I'm not bipolar - as far as I know - I have Aspergers and some other problems related to that, but not bipolarity.)

Wintery Walks with Dogs by Dee Nickerson 

 Dusk by Dee Nickerson

 Girl by the See by Dee Nickerson