Thursday 31 March 2011

Kay Nielsen

The Danish gift to early 20th century fairytale illustrations. (1886–1957)

Of course I have to speak about him too. I learned about him at the same time as I learned about Edmund Dulac, from the Golden Age of Illustrators book.
To me he reminds very much of Rudolf Koivu and John Bauer.

This is one of my favorites... I like the ornamental frame, the white skin of Sheheradzade and the dark cloak and depressed posture of the Sultan... and the sky above it all is... mmm...

This one reminds me of a couple of Finnish Kalevala paintings:
 Väinö Hämäläinen: The Elk Chase (1903)
 Akseli Gallen Kallela: Joukahainen's revenge (1897)
Akseli Gallen Kallela: Kullervo departs for war (1901)

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