Saturday 1 October 2011

Anton Lomaev; Little Mermaid


  1. What a beautiful mermaid painting! I am so glad to have discovered this lovely artist...

  2. I'm so glad to hear! Because that's the purpose of this blog :-)

  3. This remind me the illustrations of great slovak artist Albin Brunovsky. His illustrations in the book of slovak folk tales are marvellous. Recommend to check

  4. hi i would like to ask a few question

    when was this made?
    why exactly did he do it?

  5. Anton Lomaev made this illustration for The Little Mermaid book, that was published 2009, so I assume it was made 2008, and he did this because he wanted to illustrate the fairy tale.
    Does that answer your questions?

    Here's his homesite where you might find more information if you have any. I'm sure Anton wouldn't mind answering any further questions you have, that I cannot. :-)

    And thank you for commenting :-)