Thursday 12 January 2012

Brian Froud

World of Froud

Some other artists that come to mind:

Victoria Francés, who mentions Froud as one of her ideals
(Some other of her favorites: Luis Royo, Alan Lee, Joseph Vargo, David Delamare, John Bolton)

Some say this is by Froud, others say it's by James C. Christensen...

This is a collaboration of Alan Lee and Brian Froud
Arthur Rackham comes to mind :-D

Tony diTerlizzi


  1. the top green fae is James C Christensen - the one w/ her before the trunk of tree. It's difficult to find a good copy of it but it's one of Christensen's most gorgeous drawings, before he began his 'toy' type illustrations. I am glad to see you have saved the fae