Sunday 7 April 2013

Aleksander Lindeberg

Funny thing happened today. I was looking at pictures by Rudolf Koivu at Pinterest, and found one by Aleksander Lindeberg. I looked at the picture and thought "this guy has taken a lot of inspiration from the guy who illustrated Pessi and Illusia" (Pessi and Illusia is a Finnish fairy tale book, about a little troll called Pessi (short of pessimist) and a little fairy called Illusia (short of illusionist), who meet and fall in love during the Finnish part of WWII. The story blends in teaching of nature and animals, and also the effects of war on the nature, and it is really an amazing book.)

So I went to see who had illustrated Pessi and Illusia.
Aleksander Lindeberg.

So, here's some of his work:

 Illustration for stories from Kalevala, abridged for children

 Advertisement for Pectus "pastilles" - they are sort of mints

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