Monday 29 August 2011

"Grafiikka" - printmaking: etching

Anders Zorn


Alfredo Zalce

I'm sorry, I'm not feeling well, so no more artwork. I might add more later on.

I am also aware of that these might not be etched, but a combination of different techniques... there's
- etching - you cover the plate with wax or some other stuff and draw the image on the wax, and then etch the surface of the plate with some acid
- dry needle - you scraft the plate with a needle
- mezzotint - you prepare the plate by thoroughly roughening it and then polishing the parts you wish to stay lighter.
- aquatint - you prepare the plate by spreading resin on it and then etching it, so has a distinct granular feeling on it. The image is then created by further etching the plate, or scratching it aso.
and then there's some more

all these produce different surfaces, but I'm not in condition to look into it closer. I'm sorry.

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