Thursday 25 August 2011

"Grafiikka" - printmaking: woodcut

I love the (often) black-and-white world of prints. In Finnish this type of art is called "grafiikka" - graphics.

First there was the woodcutting. Woodcutting is carving an image on a block of wood, and then transferring this image on paper with ink. Some woodcuts can be VERY finely detailed.

 as James Grashow's prints show... Amazing work...

Margaret Burroughs - Black Venus

Xiang Silou - Residence Among Flowers
Yes, it is a woodcut.

A lot of my favorite covers and illustrations are made in woodcut, 
like these by Andrew Davidson for Naomi Novik.

Rather Pauline Baynes-que by Wharton Esherick
So simple and perfect in its crudeness...

Cat-nap by Jacques Hnizdovsky

An Yumin

Dürer made his illustrations in woodcut... talk about intrigate and detailed!

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