Tuesday 13 September 2011

Oh, crap, I suck :-D

 Ok - this is what I managed to create as the first day challenge work. You see the model here: Rudolf Koivu's Snow Queen. It's so bad I can't help but laugh. It's just bad. :-D
But it's a good thing :-) The only way from bottom is up ;-)

What I have written on the corner there:
- draw what you are going to paint properly first. Get down all the lines, crisp and pure, in their right places.
- Use more color. A LOT more.
Because, frankly, it's not just bad. There's a lot of potential there. I am able to learn and I will be better.

This is something I'm doing just for the fun of it... a Kitsune calendar... And right now it sucks too. The colors are all wrong, and the background is bad and what's with that white... I have no idea what to do with it. And it's really flat. Just areas of color... not much depth at all. It doesn't even look flat the same way as Japanese woodprints do... it just looks like someone has failed drawing a picture of a kitsune in snow under a pine tree :-D
Well... I suppose it's not done yet, and I need to keep adding layers and layers of color... shadows and light and I need to "embroider" the kimonos and then we'll see what we have, but right now it sucks and I don't know what to do about it, and I'm pretty tired with it. So - I'll let it stand for a while and keep doing my daily exercises, and learning things, and perhaps one day I'll know what to do with it :-)

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