Saturday 30 April 2011

Ben Newman

This is his blog: Ben Newman Art

It's not suitable for kids nor sensitive people, but I love the way he paints.

I don't like the uneasy feeling I get... I know all his models are adult women, who just happen to have the childish look; short nose and face, big mouth and eyes wide apart... like Ornella Muti, Amanda Seyfried or Gemma Ward,

 but he kind of exaggerates those features... and adds a bit more, like the big front teeth, to make his women look like girls. Also, all his women are like half the size of his men, and that too adds to the effect. Also, the situations are more or less forced on the woman, so... Nah. I don't like the choice of subjects of his work.

Another painter whose work I find fascinating is Ray Caesar, who paints sort of demonic rococo dolls... he too has this childlike quality on his women. Big foreheads, small chins, short noses, big eyes and tiny, doll-mouths... proportionally big heads balancing on fragile necks... drawn like prostitutes or pregnant... No, not a subject choice to my liking either. But the style of his painting is nice...

Bruno Dayan is an interesting photographer...

Kind of gives a way to mention Natalie Shau, an artist and photographer (if there's that much difference...)

Other people to mention in this context:
Tokyo Bling
Viona Art
Victoria Francés
Inez van Lamsweerde

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  1. I totally agree to your opinion of Ben Newman. Hope, he only paints this subjects...looks, like to likes to cause pain...