Tuesday 5 April 2011

Other art deco fashion illustrators, part IV

Roger Broders - he's best known for his wonderful tourism posters, but he did fashion plates earlier

Fernand Simeon

 Robert Bonfils (not the same as the American illustrator, whom I'm going to talk about a little later...)

Martha Romme

Francesco Javier Gose

Louis Strimpl

Zyg Brunner

Then there is a handful I don't know much about:
 Alex Rozervriski
I love the description of this dress:
"Robe de Satin topaze garnie de Léopard manchon aussi de Léopard"
I don't love that they have killed leopards for a stupid dress though...
also, it reminds me of Ann Miller's green leopard dress from Easter Parade...


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