Thursday 7 April 2011

Narrowboats, vardos and roses

"Narrow boat painting, or canal art is a traditional British folk art. This highly decorative folk art once adorned the working narrow boats of the inland waterways of Britain. Canal ware, barge ware, or gift ware, are used to describe decorated trinkets, and household items, rather than the decorated narrow boats. Canal ware is typified by strong vibrant contrasting colours, stylised roses and castle scene panels. Traditional barge ware items are highly decorated, with little blank space in the design. No-one really knows how this British folk art began. Its origins appear to be in the late 1700s when Britain's inland waterways were at their busiest - similar castle scenes and styles of painting can be found on cheap mass-produced items of the day."

Canal boat table flap

Vardo - gypsy wagon
Vardo interior

Truck art from somewhere around the world

Portuguese lucky rooster
Portuguese lucky rooster on a plate
Portuguese lucky rooster on a mug

Those Portuguese roosters remind me of dalaroosters

Dalahorse by Henning Trollbäck
New dalahorses
Old dalahorses

Swedish "allmoge"

Finnish modern "rose painting"

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