Wednesday 6 April 2011

Vargas, Elvgren and others

Suzanne Meunier

Alberto Vargas

Gil Elvgren

Rolf Armstrong

 Zoe Mozert

Earl Moran

George Petty

Edward D'Ancona

Mike Ludlow

Pearl Frush

What's with the falling underwear and Art Frahm? Is girls wearing underwear several sizes too big sexy? Don't know... I like his drawing style somewhat, but... there's more and better :-)

Bradshaw Crandell

Al Moore

Al Buell

Archie Dickens

Enoch Bolles

Ted Withers

 I like those sketches... more than the actual pinups :-D

Olivia de Berardinis

Henry Clive

 Fritz Willis

 Francisco Goya - Maya

 Eduard Manet; Olympia
Titian, Venus

Edward Runci

Jules Erbit

here's some more pictures and information

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