Thursday 7 April 2011

Alexander Reichstein

1991 my sister took me to the Nationalmuseum of Stockholm to see "six Russian artists around the book", about new Russian book illustrators. I didn't much care about five of them, but the sixth... I was SO IMPRESSED by his work, how he renewed the whole illustration thing, created wonderful illustrations... I have been seeking for more information about him after that. I got the exhibition folder, but there was only two works by him, and the one I fell in love with wasn't either.

Now I've found him :-)

This is The Work
 - it was huge, and the intention was to cut parts of the painting to illustrate parts of the story. You know, like the old Saint icons and paintings.

These are from a book called "Kittycat" or Kotinka-kotok" as it's called in Russian. They are made of clay on fabric, ordinary printed cotton, painted and decorated.

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