Friday 8 April 2011

I want to illustrate fairytales

I have noticed that I like two kinds of art - one that is good for illustrating fairytales and other that is beautiful.

I have also been looking at illustrators and illustrations lately. In Finland there's this award called Rudolf Koivu Award, given to illustrated children's book illustrators and authors. This year's award went to Anne Vasko and her book Great Lion. It's like The Very Hungry Caterpillar (by Eric Carle) but a little different.
The Great Lion is a story about a lion toy who wants to be BIG GREAT lion, because Boy who owns him doesn't play with him anymore. So he eats to grow... In the end Boy's little sister, Girl, finds him and loves him just the way he is, small and soft.
The illustration is made of fabric as applications.

Anyway... with all the people who love "old" illustrations, why are there so few illustrators who do "Old style"?
I was thinking of Pirkko-Liisa Surojegin, who has never won this award.

Childscapes gives a link to "A Wonderful New site dedicated to the art of ILLUSTRATION", which basically only speaks about modern style of illustration, and more about design than illustration.
That blog gives a link to Kleinformat that will introduce an illustrator twice a month... and there too, only "modern" illustrators. Childscapes is very little about "modern" illustrators.

I am thinking about "the girls", other members of different witch groups I've been a member of, who love artists like... er... I can't find any at the moment, as "the girls" are also excellent thieves, and very seldom gives credit to the artists. But you know the style: romantic, slightly melancholic, beautiful, usually ladies, fairies, unicorns and rainbows in moonlight and such.
Jessica Galbreth, Amy Brown, Nene Thomas, Selina Fenech, such.

That is rather classic fairytale illustration style. As there are so many who still like it - like me, and the hundreds who adore Pre Raphaelites, Sur La Lune and Duirwaigh - why are there so few... why are we so little appreciated by those "who know"... No, I know why. It's not "new", "fresh" and "original". It's a bit in the class of crying children and Thomas Kinkade.

So, probably I will never win Rudolf Koivu Award :-(

Well... if I managed to transfer to paper what I see in my mind, I'd be quite happy and pleased :-)

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