Friday 8 April 2011

Dan Craig

I noticed a tiny image of a book, Susan Conant's Stud Rites.

Nice! But who made it?
I googled "Susan Conant Stud Rites Cover art" - apparently this book has been published with several different covers. Amazon didn't offer any help. Susan Conant's site doesn't offer any help. (BTW; if you are an author, give credit to the artists and designers who create your covers. A lot of readers buy a book by the cover, and you do owe them something. If you are not involved in the choosing of the cover, you will find out who made the cover from the book or the publisher. It's not much trouble.)

I found another Susan Conant cover I liked.

This time I could see at the artist's signature - DCRAIG - loud and clear.
So - I searched "D Craig cover art".
Can you guess what I got?

Yep. A lot of CD covers for Craig David.

I searched D Craig cover artist, and among several Craig David CDs I saw something that looked familiar.

There it was finally revealed that the cover artist's name is "Dan Craig".

So - can you guess what I get as result when I search Dan Craig?

Yes, Daniel Craig, a British actor, the latest James Bond. :-D

Finally I managed to find his page at Bernstein and Andriulli. That's more like it...

And yes, I like what he does :-)

Then a little more rant about Conant girls. I also like the cover of their book "cook the books".

Cover artist? No idea.

There are a couple more cover artists that these remind me of:
Mary Ann Lasher

and Chris O'Leary


  1. I know this is an old post from a few years ago, but I've recently discovered Dan Craig and Mary Ann Lasher's work. I also tried to find out who the artist were via Google, with no luck...I ended up going to my local bookstore where I found their names inside the books. I went back to Google, did a search for their names, and low and behold, found lots of art from these artist. I love their work!

  2. Another beautiful cover by Dan Craig...

    The Neverending Story 1997 edition.