Thursday 7 April 2011

Colette Calascione

Colette is young compared to most of my inspiration :-) I wonder what inspires her?

This is her link list:
Tino Rodriguez
Alberto Calascione
Nancy Hoffman Gallery
Hyemi Cho
Gus Grubba
Gary Yost

Hmm... I would say
a) about the same thing that inspires me
b) folklore, primitive, naivë paintings the ordinary country folks decorate their work; narrowboat ware, vardos, dalapaintings, flower embroideries and such.
c) tattoo art (which I also find inspiring)
d) Victorian graphics, ads, scraps, newspaper illustration and such (also something I find interesting)
e) Maurits Cornelis Escher - he never thought he was an artist either... he thought he was too meticulous, pedantic and cared too much about details to be an artist. Haven't we heard that before? :-D

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