Monday 9 May 2011

Goddess art IX

Brigid - by unknown... I think it was a man who was more known for other illustrations than Pagan ones... can't remember.

The story is that once upon a time there was a site called Care2, and they had a new, fancy idea... image threads.
I made one, with Goddesses... I had page after page of images of Goddess...
Then one day Care2 decided that the service was no longer interesting, so they deleted everything.
It happened after I had been inactive for some while, I don't know if they warned the people of that their work would be deleted or not. I didn't know.
I had managed to hunt down the artist of a lot of Goddesses, among them this Triple Goddess as Mountain.
That information is gone now, as I didn't have a chance to save it.
Now it is too late to find out who made this... the original is long gone, you see, and as this is internet and people believe everything online is public domain, they don't even bother saying who painted the work.

This was the other one... I think it might be Pamela Matthews, but I don't know.
Another brilliant work, and very popular online. Not credited.

Calyope by Roza Goneva

Cerridwen by Anne Baird

Cloak of the Maternal Sky by Jonathon Earl Bowser

Crone by Heather Daylight

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