Wednesday 18 May 2011

Polyvore to paperdoll

Would you like your Polyvore set made into a paperdoll?

This is my version of Kristen Stewart and the set in Polyvore that stood as sample.

The paperdoll is about 25 cm high (10 inches) and fits in A4 (American Letter) plastic pockets for safekeeping

This is my own Steampunk paperdoll, with an outfit made after my Polyvore set "Be A Woman"

As you can see, this doll isn't modeled after any existing woman. She is kind of my Steampunk alter ego ;-)

Now - if you would want one - or more - of your own, how much would you be prepared to pay for it?
Next question: would you like the gouache original or a print on glossier and stiffer paper?
Any other questions?

P.S: I will own the copyright, even if your paperdoll would be of a character from a book or movie, or a celebrity.Anyone may draw anything or anyone without permission, and as you can see of the Kristen Stewart doll, I won't be able to copy something perfectly. I won't be selling it as "Twilight doll", even if you can call it that, because THAT I do NOT own the copyright.

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