Sunday 8 May 2011

Goddess art VI

This is dedicated to Jonathon Earl Bowser...

1) His "goddesses" are very popular among the Pagan/Wiccan/witch community. Very pretty.

2) "Great Masterpieces of Jonathon Earl Bowser" is a site of Mr. Eloff and Eureka Publishing. He is a born-again Christian, and he has some... interesting ideas of Pagans, Jonathon's artwork and his place in Jonathon's life.

3) This caused Ariadne to start asking questions, and getting some rather unsatisfactory answers...  which made me very uncomfortable with the whole thing.

I really don't care that the offensive remarks have been cleared off the site. We know the site owner still thinks that way, and even though it's mr. Eloff and not Jonathon who hates Pagans, Wiccans and witches, but has no scruples in accepting their money... Uh. Nasty business.

Besides, the world is full of "artists" of that caliber.

What STILL irks me with that site is:

"While there is a modicum of tastefully disguised nudity amongst his work, most of the female figures in Jonathon's art are well-dressed... ...None of these women are anorexic, in fact, many are (certainly by today's standards) gorgeously chubby"

I wish I was chubby like that... 
but I think I am too prude to disguise my nudity tastefully. I think I'd prefer clothes.
On the other hand... when you are chubby like that, you don't much need clothes.

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